Mind Meld 149 | WHERE YOUR GURU HIDES with Yogic Monk, Dada Gunamuktananda

Yogic monk, meditation teacher, world-traveler, and viral TED speaker, Dada Gunamuktananda returns to the mind meld!

We chat about the yogic concept of consciousness, the secret hiding place of your true guru, why it’s so important to cut through new age nonsense and more!

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There’s no shortage of juicy “whys” in the world.

For starters– Why do we perceive things the way we do? Why do some things appear beautiful? Why is art moving?

But one of the juiciest of juicy “whys” is the why of peak states. More specifically, why do we have the capacity to feel like we’re unlimited, yet one with everything? Why is it possible to have the sense that we’re stitched into the fractal fabric of infinity? It’s a hell of a thing.

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However, if you take consciousness to its logical conclusion, it explains a lot. To clarify, I’m not just talking about self-awareness, I’m alluding to consciousness as a force, a sort of quintessence that’s presently rippling through everything. If that exists, there’s your answer for all of the above and more.

Of course, I don’t know for certain that that’s a thing, but I know you can experience something very much like it.

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Agnosticism on my part aside, the universality of consciousness is something that practically all of the world’s contemplative and mystical traditions have agreed upon.

Speaking contemplative mystics, we’ve got a hell of a yogic monk in this very mind meld, Dada Gunamuktananada. You may have seen his fabulous viral TED talk (which hinges upon this very topic) that’s been viewed millions of times.

In this mind meld, as you might have deduced, we riff a lot about the yogic view of consciousness and how to tap into it. We also chat about some western misnomers about what yoga, whether or not there really is a “shift in consciousness” occurring, what a real guru is and much more!

Want more Dada on the subject of meditation and the nature of consciousness? Grab it on our Patreon page! 



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