Mind Meld 112 | Keep Your Conduits Open with Colin Frangicetto of Circa Survive

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Colin Frangicetto is a musician and artist most well-known for playing in the band Circa Survive.

This one is rife with high psychedelic weirdness, the mental rigors of creation, the majesty of synchronicity, band tales that have ever been shared publicly and oodles more!

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The quantum processor on the novelty machine that’s streaming the simulation we’re all galavanting around in must be nearing maximum capacity. It’s in such dire need of an update that it’s starting to get extraordinarily lazy with its scenario generation. It’s as if the Fates went on strike, leaving the script of reality to be scribed stream-of-consciousness by a drunken teenage intern–  Rodman and Trump are brokering world peace, people aren’t vaccinating their pets because they’re afraid they’ll get autism and guitar players of bands I’ve always admired are reaching out of the blue to say they’re fans of this show.

So lazy scripts aside, things are actually pretty great (in those three cherrypicked totally non-representative isolated examples).

So who’s that fabulous aforementioned string strummer you ask? Why it’s the wonder-brined, multitalented Colin Frangicetto of the band Circa Survive.

Not only did we connect, but it became pretty clear after playing a few rounds of textual wonder pingpong that we’re quite kindred and that the only way to fully express our interpersonal harmony was to do a mind meld; proper-like. A fact you’ve probably gleaned already, what with your deep knowledge of sleuthery and ability to read titles.

Whether you’re a fan of Colin’s band Circa Survive or not, you’re going to get some goodies in this one. It’s a proper sprawler for sure. We get all up into some high psychedelic weirdness, wild synchronicities and the impulsive psychology that changed Colin’s life. Of course we also slash into the speculative ontological thicket as we tend to do around this corner of the digisphere.

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Musings in this mind meld –

  • Life, death and the tragic suicide Anthony Bourdain

  • Colin’s artistic, musical, and creative influences

  • Why psychedelics were an influence early in Colin’s life

  • Colin and Michael riff on consciousness

  • Psychedelic sharing and 40,000 jizzless orgasms

  • Band life, band psychology and living with bandmates

  • Conspiracy theories, mental health deterioration and how they’re often connected

  • How Colin continuously sharpens his wonder, inspiration and curiosity

  • A crazy synchronicity

  • Why you should always keep your channels open (but not too open)



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