Mind Meld 111 | The Chasm of Disbelief with Master Shaman, Hamilton Souther

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Master Shaman, Hamilton Souther returns to the mind meld to discuss the beauty of faith-leaping, the shamanistic mythos and more.

Souther spent over a decade living in the rainforests of Peru studying the way of the shaman. He’s the founder of Blue Morpho Tours, an Ayahuasca-based Peruvian retreat organization and his latest endeavor, the U.S.-based White Morpho

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Speaking with Hamilton always slaps me with the fact that the psychedelic realm is a place of stories. To decode those stories though, we require the proper mythological, cultural and ontological context. Fortunately, shamanistic traditions like the one Hamilton Souther was initiated into are brimming with all three.

Unfortunately, it’s trickier than just swallowing that ontology whole. A translation has to take place. We have to decide what that shamanistic perspective has to offer us from our odd, unprecedented, postmodern, ever evolving technology-soaked western vantage point.

Fortunately (yes we’re back to fortunate territory now), this mind meld is with someone uniquely equipped to ponder all of the above. A man who’s both a Master Shaman and a brilliant, openminded, modern piece of humanity, Hamilton Souther.

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Musings in this mind meld 

  • How a Cryptocurrency billionaire died drinking Ayahuasca
  • How safe is Ayahuasca?
  • Shamanistic cosmology and creation myth
  • How shamanistic cultures heal both the body and the soul
  • Is western psychedelic medicine missing something because it doesn’t have a mythological context?
  • “The spirit of the forest is just ON”

  • Is the earth conscious?
  • Is it possible that human consciousness is alien in origin?
  • Is a western, postmodern, intellectual vantage point really better than a simpler one?

  • What happens when you play Smash Mouth for the great spirit?
  • The final initiation is always overcoming doubt

  • A crazy story about a Chullachaki



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