Mind Meld 233 | Chaotic Progress with Colin Frangicetto

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Colin Frangicetto is a musician, podcaster, and artist most well-known for playing in the band Circa Survive. Dive into Colin’s world here.


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In this one, we muse about mass confusion, “what’s going on” according to Terence McKenna, whether we’re evolving or devolving, and more!

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If this isn’t a time of mass confusion, I’ve never lived in one. We’re juggling not only competing narratives, but ‘truths.’ Even communities supposedly interested in truth-seeking are deeply fractured on how they’re perceiving reality.

That said, I recently came across this concept, typically associated with the alchemical process called massa confusa— A time of chaos and darkness where nothing is clear.

But, what’s interesting is that reaching this state doesn’t mean you’re off course, it’s actually an achievement. In fact, it’s the first primary accomplishment in the magnum opus of the alchemical journey from prima materia to rubedo (the philosopher’s stone). Of course, we’re using alchemy as a metaphor for our own psychology. The psychology of the masses, in this case.

 So, perhaps this massa confusa, this great confusion, might actually indicate that we’re evolving. That we’re experiencing some sort of energetic growing pain. 

If we follow the alchemical logic, this time of topsy turvy darkness will, eventually, produce new concepts and dualities. New touchpoints that will give way to a novel sort of sense-making and symbolism.

In a way, this work is always ongoing. But, for me, it brings a certain level of comfort to know that, despite how bleak our situation seems, this is the very stuff transformation is made out of.

Of course, that’s no excuse for passivity. In times of darkness, you must explore. You must seek the glimmer of a new path. 

The medium of exploration within the confines of this media vessel is, as always, wonder-dipping conversation. That’s really how this pod felt. And I’m grateful that I got to linguistically adventure, once again, with my man Colin Frangicetto. The two of us can poke, prod, shuck, jive, agree, and disagree and end the whole shebang in an “ I love you.” It’s a rare and beautiful thing.

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