Mind Meld 232 | Cryptocurrency, Counterculture and A More Mystical Tomorrow with Liam Wilson

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Musician, seeker, and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Liam Wilson returns to the mind meld!


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In this mind meld, we rap about bitcoin, cryptocurrency, self-empowerment, reuniting the mystic and the mundane, and more.

You know I like to give space to nuggets I think are worth a wonder-dip. Particularly the powerful, countercultural kind you’re probably not going to hear about from your teachers, bosses, or parents.

One of the things that really fits that criteria is the weird wonderful world of crypto.  

The whole cryptocurrency ecosystem is something I’ve been watching and participating in with deep fascination for years now. That said, I do find myself being somewhat reluctant to talk about it on the pod. I don’t want it to seem like I’m shilling anything. I don’t want to come off gross or as if I’m too concerned with materialistic masturbation.

That said, we’re all after monetary stability. And, by all objective measurements, the curiosity around this topic is really heating up. So, if you’re not already wondering what’s up, I know you will be. To those points and many more, I really believe I’d be doing you all a disservice if we didn’t dive in, so here we are. Also, whether you’re a complete no-coin noob or an expert, you’re about to hear angles of this phenomenon that you won’t anywhere else.

Our partner in this one is wise and talented Liam Wilson. He’s a musician best known for playing in bands like the Dillinger Escape Plan and Azusa. He’s also a Yogi, psychonaut, crypto enthusiast, and a good pal.For a full write-up and more pop over to THIRDEYEDROPS.com  

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