Mind Meld 231 | Growing Down with Cory Allen

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Author, meditation facilitator, host of The Astral Hustle podcast, and friend, Cory Allen returns to the mind meld!


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We rap about paradeigma, growing down, how the mind changes with age, the lost meaning of meditation, and feral confidence.

One of my favorite words I’ve heard in quite some time is paradeigma. It’s Greek for pattern, but it’s typically used in the context of story devices. However, that’s not the word’s most interesting application.

That hinges on the idea that we all have a personal paradeigma. That is, we come into the world with a purposeful pattern attached to us. It’s the inspiration for James Hillman’s Acorn theory— Just as the acorn has the potential to be an oak tree, we have enormous potential too. Of course, it’s not guaranteed that we’ll reach sparkling, stately oak status. It may not even be likely. Massive participation is required. Sincere soul searching and effort is demanded. But it is there and we can make progress we can grow toward the light.

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