Mind Meld 57 | Interconnected Separateness with Amanda Sage

Visionary artist Amanda Sage joins the mind meld!


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We’re distinct beings. We host unique inner-worlds, appearances, preoccupations, genetics and free will. Yet we’re all comprised of the very same starstuff. The same carbon, oxygen nitrogen and hydrogen. Even that fact, as astounding as it is, doesn’t begin to account for the more esoteric, samadhi-like interconnectedness we can plug into when our brains are tuned properly.

Yet from that soupy atomic gnostic network, we emerge persistently distinct. Before long, it’s all we know. We forget that we’re but a fleeting flicker of a thought in a dendrite of the almighty tapestry of intelligence we emerged from and will one day collapse back into. 

Ironically, that egoic separation is precisely what prevents personal greatness. I hear it time and time again from elite creatives. They talk as though they’re opposite of separate, like they’re some sort of vessel for the mystery to pour through. Amanda Sage is one of them. 

Musings in this mind meld include – 

  • Interconnected separateness
  • Amanda’s path as an artist
  • Acts of defiance
  • The Mandela Effect, parallel dimensions and boy genius, Max Laughan
  • Don’t waste your time on negative rabbit holes
  • Technological gnosis
  • Alan Watts on why society is a hoax
  • The future and hyper creativity
  • Creativity is a fundamental law
  • Subjective technologies
  • Decoding negative behavior patterns
  • Amanda’s paranormal run-ins



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