Mind Meld 58 | Microdosing the Future with Michael Garfield

Writer, speaker, musician and visionary artist, Michael Garfield returns for another technodelic tete a tete!

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We’ve got some priorities to get straight before we hit the era of on-demand hyper pleasure. If we don’t, we’ll be tweeting orgasms and live-streaming our tastebuds while we eat pork chops for a Satoshi a second or something (a Satoshi is one one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin for the non-crypto currency initiates among you).

I used to think a future like that was a farfetched dystopian nightmare, but now, not so much. Why wouldn’t the future feature a constant stream of algorithmically generated dopamine dumps tailored down to the individual? It’s the crowning jewel and logical conclusion of capitalism: what you want, when you want it at the perfect price. It’s insidiously perfect.  

If you want to sink into a self-inflicted matrix of bacchusian revelry, I can hardly blame you. It sounds pretty tantalizing. However, the moment we dive into such a world, we become a commodity to be farmed out. It’s a fancy new form of technological animal husbandry and we’re the livestock.

So, as I said, we’ve got some priorities to get straight. We’ve got to draw a line somewhere if we want to retain any shred of our sacredness. This requires coming into contact with, understanding and celebrating the source of that sacredness. Discussing what that sacredness “is” or how best to accomplish that is, of course, beyond the scope of this write-up. Which is why you should be clicking “play” right about now!


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