Mind Meld 36 | Musings from the Mind’s Eye with Simon Haiduk

If you’ve been waiting for guest to pull back the veil concealing underground temple-building cults, time travelers and trans-dimensional gorilla guardians, this conversational cowabunga with British Columbia-based visionary artist, Simon Haiduk is joint for you!


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The mind’s eye is a curious thing (and by “mind’s eye”, I mean the the ever-undulating, fickle faculty for inner-perspective we have).

In psychedelic states or deep meditation its presence is a given, but in every-day life, the subtle quality of the mind’s eye is drowned out almost completely by the physical information around us.

But, just because it’s overwhelmed and hard to detect doesn’t mean it’s inert, it’s always on. The mind’s eye like a sponge that soaks up and synthesizes all the data it comes into contact with flavoring our subjective view of  reality.

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So it’s important to consider our information diet. Of course our minds can tolerate the occasional junk food, just like our bodies. However, if you’re not working it out, challenging it and defraging it with psychonautic experiences, you’ll become psychically and creatively obese. 

That’s one of the reasons I’m so fascinated by artists, these are people so metaphysically in-shape that they can do tricks with their consciousness. They can essentially consult their mind’s eye and manifest novelty to the point where it attracts other humans like some sort of telekinetic magnet. 

One of these beings is definitely Simon Hiduk

Musings in this mind meld include –

  • Art has migrated from meatspace to the digital realm 
  • Simon’s art, background and methods
  • Psychedelic catalysts for Simon’s inspiration 
  • Simon’s fascination with nature and animals and how they influence him
  • Trans-dimensional psychedelic tendrils, string theory and cats 
  • Simon and Michael’s musical ventures
  • Digital music versus instrument-based music
  • Simon’s time in the Domanhur community (a cult that builds secret underground temples with Egyptian overtones, self-proclaimed time travelers and inter-dimensional gorillas) 
  • Isolated populations making up their own narratives about reality
  • Does the media brainwash society?
  • Elites who get so powerful that regular rules don’t apply to them
  • What if rituals and sacrifices work?




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