Mind Meld 168 | Erik Davis | HIGH WEIRDNESS– An Exploration of Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson and Philip K. Dick

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Author and Expanding Mind host, Erik Davis enters the mind meld to riff on his new book, High Weirdness drugs, esoterica, and visionary experience in the seventies.

The tome largely revolves around three visionary creatives — Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson, and Philip K. Dick. We play in all three of their pools.


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I am so in love with this mind meld, not only because we’ve got the brilliant Erik Davis back on the show, but because this conversation is largely an exploration of three of the most influential minds to ever let their wonder juice loose– Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson, and Philip K. Dick. Said secretions have really seeped into the roots of the conversational and the cultural collective that’s been blooming over the past few decades, especially in the intellectual haunts I frequent.

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Another thing I appreciate about Erik’s book (and this conversation) is that it isn’t just some posthumous congratulatory wank-a-thon for the three. We explore their demons and shortcomings as well. I’m really glad we did because these fellas are really worshiped in certain circles and that has a way of diminishing their humanity. When you can see the blemishes on your heroes, it makes them so much more relatable.

If you’re interested in any of these folks, High Weirdness is must-read stuff. It’s staggeringly well researched and glaringly obvious how much love Erik put into the project.




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