Mind Meld 167 | Maestro Hamilton Souther | Life on the other side of the portal

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Master shaman Hamilton Souther returns to the mind meld to chat about his origins, reality’s slipperiness, and why open-minded seeking is the only honest path.

Hamilton spent over a decade living in the rainforests of Peru studying the way of the shaman. He’s also the founder of Blue Morpho Tours, a plant medicine-based Peruvian retreat center.


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We’ve got a real wonder Jedi back on the show, master shaman, Hamilton Souther. The things this guy has seen and been a part of are truly wild. Every time I speak with him, my view of what’s possible (or at least plausible) gets pretty god damn rickety. Hamilton has a way of making things that sound impossible seem perfectly likely. You’ll definitely see what I mean again in this one.

Hamilton is the founder of Blue Morpho, a plant medicine retreat in Peru. I also have to say, he’s really been through it– He lived in the rainforest for something like a decade, he almost died a couple of times, and he was accepted into a line of indigenous medicine men. For all of those reasons and more, Hamilton is really a one of a kind wonder-latte of modern and ancient ancestral knowledge.



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