MIND MELD 3 | Daniele Bolelli – Professor, Savage, Author, Philosopher, Boob Poet


Seeking a show about angry goats, psychedelic gnosis and Theodore Roosevelt? Then congratulations my friend, you’ve found your grail!


To everyone else rereading that seemingly nonsensical combination of topics: no, the forceps of destiny didn’t get drunk on the job and start plopping subject matter into reality at random with zero care, I promise. This conversation is actually (fairly) coherent.

To whom do we owe that coherence? Professor, Author and Podcaster extraordinaire, Daniele Bolelli!

Daniele hosts two tremendous podcasts, The Drunken Taoist (a conversation-based show, not dissimilar to this one) and History on Fire .

Daniele is also the author of stellar works like Create Your own Religion and his latest, Not Afraid,  “a meditation on facing fear, heartbreak, and mortality. The story of a man who in rapid succession has his wife die in his arms, loses his house and his job, and is left to care for his 19-month old daughter.” 

For more – Daniele’s Site

Musings in this chat:

  • Trying not to be a volatile, reactionary dickThirdEyeDropsLogo copy
  • Overcoming and coping with fatigue and stress
  • Anger, how to deal with it and not deal with it
  • Fear, how to deal with and not deal with it
  • Is there ever a time where violent confrontation is justified? (plus, a personal story on that)
  • Different examples of how people deal with loss 
  • Authentic creativity versus cries for attention
  • Substance induced revelations versus natural ones
  • A future nobel prize winning poem about boobs
  • Wim Hof is a real-life superhuman bad ass
  • Theodore Roosevelt was crazy
  • Living a wild life as coping mechanism for trauma 
  • Psychedelic gnosis and horror stories




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  • hero mutant

    Nice podcast! Did you find out who that giant flaccid penis wolf man fantasy artist from the 80s is?

    April 5, 2016 - 5:12 pm

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