Approaching Maximum Weirdness with Colin Frangicetto | Mind Meld 261

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Wonder brother, Colin Frangicetto returns to riff about Terence McKenna’s ‘Novelty Wave Theory,’ the importance of leaping without a net, why our perception of time is a compass for how we should and shouldn’t be spending our lives, and more!

Colin Frangicetto is a musician, podcaster, and artist most well-known for playing in the band Circa Survive. Dive into Colin’s world here.


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I have an active imagination. I love to prognosticate about what novelty juice will burst loose from the noosphere next. 

That said, I keep an open mind with respect to my musings. I, as Robert Anton Wilson said, have no beliefs but many suspicions. But, there is one suspicion I harbor that borders dangerously close on belief — My sense that things are just going to keep getting weirder.

Reality-shifting phenomena from the maturation of the internet and the budding psychedelic revolution to apparent UFO disclosure, and, oh yeah, deadliest most economy-swallowing pandemic of our lifetime, have all been dropped on us in just the last decade or so. Given that, I have to assume the trend will continue.

I’m not the only one to recognize this of course. Terence McKenna’s “Novelty Wave Theory” was basically an attempt to draw a line around the weirdness. The details of which are beyond the scope of these musings, but it’s worth a wonder dip. Despite that, people with bigger brains than I point to the supposed empirical failure of McKenna’s hypothesis, but I’d argue that qualitative gestalt idea is doing just fine. That is, the notion that novelty waves are just going to get bigger and more jarring as we approach some totally new way of being seems all but indisputable.

In this mind meld, we dive into all of the above in a multitude of ways and, of course, gobs more. Like, for instance, the importance of taking a leaps of faith, how our perception of time might be a compass for our destiny.

You probably know Colin Frangicetto by now, but if not, he’s a musician who plays in the band Circa Survive, an artist, and a close friend. Actually, we went to Peru and drank ayahuasca together (hear our podcasts chronicleing that adventure here).

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