Words Are Vibrations with James McCrae | Mind Meld 269

James McCrae (aka, wordsarevibrations) is a meme artist and the author of How to Laugh in Ironic Amusement During Your Existential Crisis, which you can preorder now. 

In this one, we riff about the evolution of creativity, the importance of maintaining a romantic, spiritual disposition, the intersection of ancient wisdom and memes, and much more


When creativity stops being fun, it’s a tragedy. Unfortunately, in a time where we’re blasted by everyone’s content and personality (conentality?), you can, on occasion, see it live as it happens. You can witness real humans flailing as they crumble under the weight of their own self-imposed creative burdens.

The grind can erode the mind. I know from experience. I’ve spiraled into spaces of self-doubt, pity, and general disenthusiasm, for sure.

There are a couple of things that inevitably pull me out of the tailspin– This show’s community of earnest wondernauts (particularly you absolutely sacred Patreon folks). Also, the meaning-dipped novelty this media vessel continually offers. More simply, it really fun and inspiring to meld minds with exceptional humans.

I think that’s the difference-maker– Feeling as though what you’re doing is novel and nourishing, at least for your own soul (and hopefully a few others).

That’s exactly what magnetized me to melding minds with James McCrae. His personality is a fabulous distillation of novelty and meaning. He’s got a cracking Instagram account that’s pregnant with wonder-dipped fun. Aside from meme pottery, James also has a book in the same vein– How To Laugh In Ironic Amusement During Your Existential Crisis (best title ever). Preorder it now!



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