Mind Meld 173 | Susan Piver | Mind Geometry

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Susan Piver is a New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and founder of the largest virtual mindfulness community in the world, The Open Heart Project. She’s also deeply interested in the enneagram– A model of the human psyche consisting of nine interconnected personality types.


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Susan Piver is precisely the sort of teacher I look up to. Her accomplishments speak for themselves (she’s a hugely successful author and meditation teacher), yet she never flaunts them. In fact, she’s quite self-deprecating. She’s totally open about her failures, her imposter syndrome and all the other things that don’t go away just because you’ve earned some victories. It’s a pretty god damn refreshing splash of authenticity right to the jaded rashes on my soul, I have to say.

We shared a wonderful rap about Buddhism, meditation, agnosticism, magic, balancing achievement and non-attachment and more.

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