Mind Meld 172 | Ramin Nazer | Infinite Side Quests

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Ramin Nazer is a comedian, artist and the host of the Rainbow Brain Skull Hour podcast.

Ramin returns for an epically playful mind meld to rap about nothing, infinity, the tight relationship between silliness and profundity, why reality might be an illusion and much more!


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Each conversational alchemy is a little bit different. There’s always a least a hint of new flavor in every single one of these raps. But, on rare occasion, a guest and I share an immediate resonance. As if all of the best aspects of this show are hyper-charged by our interaction. My friendship with Ramin Nazer is a prime example of just that. Our conversations feel like an effortless game of idea tennis (I think it would doubles tennis though because it’s definitely co-op).

This one, in particular, is an absolute flurry of juice-filled novelty nuggets.

I recall lots of goofing, a discussion on why infinity and nothingness might be the same, why profundity and silliness seem to be two sides of the same coin, whether or not reality is an illusion, and so much more. Actually, this might be the most ideas per minute ever in the history of this pod (that’s a good thing). I hope it tickles your wonder pickle as well.

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