A Soliloquy for the Modern Mystic – An Extended Ramble on Self-Realization

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Equip your inward-facing trinocular, novelty nugget connoisseur! In this episode, Michael spits an extended ramble.


As I started my usual process of querying the quantum creativity teat for nourishment, I was impregnated with a particular inspiration, one that I hope to Impregnate you with is well. More specifically, it occurred to me that if you’re reading/listening to this, regardless of your beliefs, predilections or biases, we all share a core fascination – The desire to gain clarity. The desire to sharpen our internally-facing trinocular so that we can get a peek at our truer selves and proceed toward them. In this extended monologue, I’ll attempt to turn you on to what I think are the best methods for doing just that.

Musings include –

  • Why the path of the mystic is still just as relevant as ever
  • How to marry mysticism with modernity to shape yourself mindfully and feel more existentially satisfied
  • The importance of self-analysis using various tools
  • Why goals are magical
  • The necessity of blasting through the untamed thicket of your subconscious via inward-facing practices

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