Mind Meld 154 | Sarah Zucker | One Long Exhale

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Sarah Zucker is a writer and multidisciplinary artist, her work has appeared on MTV, AMC, Super Deluxe and more.

In this one, we rap about the information matrix, the roles we play, outrage culture, the majesty of yoga, and what (if anything) the word “spiritual” means.


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We’re all actors in a forever unfolding multilevel production of nature, culture, and psychology.

Attempting to identify and consider those performances is actually a rather useful mindfulness technique. It allows us to get outside of ourselves. It enables us to take a good look at the roles we’re playing, even ones that we sometimes forget we’re a part of.

Of course, this sort of reflection only goes so far. Some performances are so embedded into the human experience that there’s no way to wriggle our way out of them. It’s like trying to see the outside of the matrix when you’re inside of it. It doesn’t compute.

Anyway, this comes up at the very tip of this mind meld with the wonderful Sarah Zucker and I’ve been thinking about it semi obsessively ever since.

In terms of games Sarah plays— She’s an artist and a writer that’s worked with MTV, AMC, Super Deluxe (which was one of my favorite digital media vessels) and many more. She’s also a Jeopardy champion. So needless to say, she’s worldly, novelty-dipped woman.

For more on Sarah, follow her  @thesarahshow on instagram and visit sarahzucker.com for more.



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