Mind Meld 97 |The Orchestra of Everything with Cory Allen

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Author, meditation instructor, binaural beat maestro and host of The Astral Hustle podcast, Cory Allen returns to the mind meld to tune the orchestra of your reality and transmute your psychic cellulite into beauty.


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It’s tempting to cloak our weaknesses, to treat them as private demons to be locked away in the basement of our minds. It’s easy to do with our psychological cellulite because it’s invisible. However, I contend that our perceived psychic blemishes aren’t neurotic boils to be lanced. They’re precious aspects of the self that are out of balance. They’re instruments in the orchestra of our psychology that play an important role. It’s only when those psychic instruments get out of tune or exceed their role that they become a liability.

I think the orchestra example is a fitting one because what makes an orchestra so fantastic is the totality of it, the harmony of all parts working in unison to express something far greater than any single instrument or player is capable of. The self functions much the same way.

Cory and I get into that – neuroses, anxiety, fear and how these elements of who we are can spin out of control or be used against us as a means for manipulation and coercion. However, they can also be transmuted into strengths, psychological carrots, motivators and tools for self-empowerment.

Musings and mentions in this mind meld include – 

  • The mindset that separates the successful and non-successful
  • How we’re being conditioned to rely on others too much
  • Working through confusion and creative challenges
  • Cory reverse engineers subjectivity into clarity and sovereignty
  • The Structural Differential and Science and Sanity by Alfred Korzybski
  • Evolutionary hangovers – the brain the mind, evolution and modernity
  • Your consciousness is like an orchestra – if one part is out of tune, the whole things suffers
  • pointing people toward their own knowledge and permission rather than relying on something external
  • Combating anxiety, struggle and the urge to give up
  • How meditation improves your mind mix
  • The lifecycle and legacy of any creative work
  • Using the road of your imagination, as a gateway to reality
  • No matter what, you must open the store for business



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