Mind Meld 81 | Conflict Purification with Cory Allen

Author, meditation instructor, musician, host of The Astral Hustle podcast and good pal, Cory Allen returns to the mind meld to help Michael conduct a conversational purification ritual.


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There’s a lot of tensing up happening out there and I understand why. Every time you turn on the television or scroll through social media, it’s just a matter of time until you encounter the demonic bubonic miasma of today’s discourse.

Even worse, these conflicts often consist of collisions between unoriginal, unproductive partisan thoughts that cancel each other out. They’re arguments that tend to have no measure of practical impact on the lives of the people involved in them, other than the psychic scratches they’re inflicting upon the parties involved.

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I know you, dear reader/listener, probably aren’t partaking in this sort of nonsense (for the most part, we all get revved from time to time) but you are, at the very least, being subjected to it. That is why we, right now, as a defiant reaction to everything I just described are going to erect a digidelic discussion dome. You, Cory and myself. Within which I promise you safety, refuge from the turd hurricane, purification from the political plague and at least one or two original ideas (no guarantees on quality).

Musings in this mind meld include- 

  • Check yourself – are you communicating on a human-first level?

  • Cory’s new book, and practical exercises you can do to better your mind

  • Blade runner – AI, the likely future and alternative visions of the future

  • Why Michael is fascinated by AI and Simulation Theory

  • Cory’s conversation with a famous android
  • If we could make sentient AI beings should we?

  • Why we imprint on to physical objects and belongings and why that can become a sickness

  • Corporate subservience and manipulation of the mind through symbols

  • The number one thing that keeps people from being successful




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