Mind Meld 80 | Endless Awareness with Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell

Dr. Eben Alexander is a board certified neurosurgeon, NDE survivor and author of Proof of Heaven, a best-selling retelling of what Dr. Alexander experienced on the other side.

Karen Newell is the owner of Sacred Acoustics, a project that uses brain entrainment, sound and meditation to heighten states of consciousness. She’s also co-author (along with Alexander) of the new book, Living in a Mindful Universe.


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Death is the most mysterious and fearsome frontier the human experience has to offer. For that reason, we largely ignore it. It’s the existential elephant in the room of life. It’s the karmic debt collector we ignore calls from until we have no other choice. 

I understand why, the unraveling of all that you are is an intimidating thing. That said, when I speak with experts on this topic, people who’ve stared it in the face death like Dr. Raymond Moody (check out our mind meld with him here), and now Dr. Eben Alexander, I’m extremely heartened. These are not somber people. These are humans brimming with positivity, motivation, drive and just general zeal for the gift of life. It’s as if there’s not even a hint of fear.

Musings in this mind meld include –

  • Dr. Alexander and Karen’s new book, Living In a Mindful Universe
  • Dr. Alexander’s wild story of unbecoming, dying and reintegrating
  • If consciousness is “fundamental” what is that consciousness? Individual entities? A network of awareness?
  • Why is there cultural variety in what people experience during NDEs?
  • Does reality require observers?
  • Will science prove that consciousness is fundamental?
  • Psychedelic drug studies, NDEs and the brain
  • How binaural beats can assist in entering altered states
  • Riding the line of awareness into sleep and into death
  • The voice in your head isn’t consciousness
  • Michael Singer
  • “The sound is the medicine”
  • Dark Night Early Dawn by Christopher M. Bache
  • Are some scientists “putting band-aids on a mortally wounded worldview”?



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