Mind Meld 123 | Cosmic Context with Dr. Dan Engle

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Fountain of knowledge and healing, Dr. Dan Engle enters the mind meld!

Dr. Dan Engle is a psychiatrist with a clinical practice that combines aspects of regenerative medicine, psychedelic research, integrative spirituality, and peak performance.

He’s also lived in the jungle with Ayahuasca shamans and pushed his consciousness to its limits countless times.


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We’ve done something so incredible we don’t even know how we did it.

We’ve managed emerge from the mystery of non-being into an unbelievable circumstance– The impossibly tiny Goldilocks zone of incarnations that not only made it here, but the even smaller subset of those beings that know they know. We’re of the rare few that can look upon limitless mystery of universe and actually consider its glory, its wonder its horror, all of it.

(Definitely not all of it, but a whole lot more than any other being that we know of).

Yet here we are, tossing aside our miraculous emergence from cosmic entropy in favor of an informational doom blizzard. The nasty, nihilistic torrent of isolation, fear, vapidity and divisiveness sewn into our media and, by proxy, our minds. For some, it completely dominates the mood of of their impossibly finite time here. It’s the one thing that doesn’t seem to be objectively improving. We can summon all the AI, automation and biotech we want, but it’s not going to bring inner peace or smooth out our existential wrinkles. Those psychic ills require a balm personal purpose and an elixir of cosmic re-contextualization.

Dipped in both modern and ancient wisdom, Dr. Dan Engle has a lot offer in terms of all sorts of healing and contextualization.  Dr. Dan is a board certified psychiatrist with expertise in a variety of areas including brain optimization, hormones, recovery from brain trauma and psychedelic therapy. He’s also studied as an Ayahuasca shaman initiate in Peru. As if that weren’t enough, Dan is also is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to supplements and nootropics.

Musings in this mind meld

  • Redefining Wellness
  • The lost art of the “felt experience”
  • Western medicine meets the path of the shaman
  • Whats the most ideal way to administer the mystical experience?
  • CBD and cannabis as a neuro-protectants
  • Macrodosing, microdosing, hormone regulation and optimization
  • Why we’re hypnotized by our habituations
  • Why we are getting sicker in the midst of more medical intervention
  • No one will lift the weight for you
  • The mind, hormone health, nootropics brain health and more
  • Dan’s thoughts on consciousness?
  • The Field by Lynne McTaggart
  • The Physics of God by Joseph Selbie
The information provided in this podcast is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute the practice of medicine or other professional health care services, including the giving of medical advice. The content of this podcast is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical recommendation, diagnosis, or treatment. The use of information in this podcast is at one’s own discretion, and is not an endorsement of use given the complexity inherent in these medicines, and the current variable widespread illegality of their usage. 



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