Mind Meld 158 | Michael Garfield | The Gritty Prequel To Destiny

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Writer, musician, artist, Future Fossils host, and linguistic novelty summoner, Michael Garfield returns for another technodelic tete-a-tete!

PS — Catch the other part of this conversation on Michael Garfield’s show, Future Fossils


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I always leave these Michael on Michael mind melds feeling like my neurons had a nice vinyasa session. For one, MG is a very well-read and linguistically spry fella, but also, we have a way of consistently confronting paradoxes. Exploring cosmic conditions that appear to be contradictory, yet somehow coexist.

Slight spoiler– We don’t actually solve any cosmological conundrums in this pod. Still, these sorts of big conceptual convos are highly potent because they test the walls of the matrix. They kick the tires on the simulation mobile (or something). Doing so, I’d contend, ever so slightly recontextualizes life’s most throbbing mysteries and, really, context is everything.

By the way, this is actually part two of a conversation we had on Michael G’s pod, Future Fossils. They don’t really need to be ingested in any particular order though, you’re still gonna get the juices.

Musings in this mind meld —

  • Eric Wargo’s book, Time Loops
  • Uncomfortable paradoxes
  • The Red Queen and the White Queen
  • The illusion of improvisation
  • Are we the gritty prequel to destiny?
  • We’re a reality show for future beings
  • Why we’re addicted to dualistic thinking



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