Mind Meld 129 | You’re Allowed To Have Layers with David Krantz

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Information sharticles, genetic wonder, synchronicity, and psychedelic creativity.  

David Krantz is genetic health expert, music producer and entrepreneur.


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The internet has it all, the pure and the putrid. That fact, of course, implies a sort of informational muck. In other words, earnest, nutritious, valuable information particles get stained by the sewage, creating sharticles. So we’ve got to be hyper vigilant, we’ve go to take a hard, skeptical look at everything.

Of course I always try to avoid the informational sharticles and to magnify the good stuff (notice I said ‘try’). I’ve actually passed on publishing content before for that very reason.

People like David Krantz, with out a doubt, occupy particularly noble informational territory. That’s because David slings more than just corruptible ideas. He offers more than just anecdotes and linguistic novelty (all of which I love). David deals in actionable analytical wisdom. A path via which you can uncover hidden layers of yourself. The literal fibers of your being– your DNA.

On a related note– I implore you to, at a minimum, get your genome sequenced. It’s never been easier to do and the insights you can gain from a few hours of investigation are stunning and may even turn out to be immediately applicable to your life.

Musings in this mind meld —

  • Genetics and cannabis

  • Memory and cannabis

  • The shift from general wellness to tailored healthcare based on genetics

  • Genetics, psychedelics and MAOIs

  • The importance of listening to your curiosity and following it

  •  Can we tailor education like genetics?

  • The pitfalls of long stints on the road and how it can damage your physical and mental health

  • Parallel life threads that somehow wind up intersecting

  • Night and circadian genes

  • The link between circadian dysregulation and disease

  • Light, sleep and genetics
  • Electromagnetic pollution, infrared light and wellness –This and more is part of a patreon only podcast extra. Support us and check it out!

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