Mind Meld 12 | A Trip to the Psychedelic Salon with Lorenzo Hagerty and Bruce Damer



Lorenzo Hagerty is an author, podcaster, entrepreneur and liver of many lives (check out his incredibly eclectic bio).

His show, The Psychedelic Salon, offers a comprehensive collection of verbal serenades from disruptive visionaries like Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna, Alex Grey, Sasha Shulgin and many others. In short, it’s definitely one of my go-to sources for brain-melting content. Peruse their library if you haven’t!

We’ve also got the wonderful, whimsical multidisciplinary genius of Dr. Bruce Damer back on the show. Bruce is a researcher at UC Santa Cruz focused on origin of life related work and he’s most definitely got the gift of poetic yarn-spinning and man, does he have plenty of yarns to pull from!

Both Lorenzo and Bruce have lived through and partaken in the stuff of legends. I’m tempted to rant about some of the stories swapped between us, but I’ll let you dig into it for yourself within the contents of the show.

Musings in this Mind Meld include –

  • Bruce’s breakthroughs in origin of life theory
  • The psychedelic roots of silicon valley and computer programming
  • Outgrowing capitalism and changing our value system
  • Can capitalism and self-exploration coexist or are they mutually exclusive, diametrically apposed structures?
  • Lorenzo’s journey from a Catholic, Republican, Lawyer, Navy officer to a psychonaut and philosopher
  • The underground Dallas MDMA scene and Dionysian parties
  • MDMA and psychedelic therapy
  • Eleusinian mysteries and rites of passage
  • The importance of feeding yourself the right information, even if it feels repetitive at times
  • Panspermia and the fertilization of Earth and its similarities to embryo fertilization
  • Other things I’ve forgotten



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