Mind Meld 13 | WHAT IF with Rollie Peterkin

Rollie Peterkin is an author, former Wall Street bond trader, professional MMA fighter and current world-traveler. His book, The Cage, Escaping the American Dream is available now.



Most of the countless “what-ifs” that rattle around our noggins from day to day don’t amount to much. But sometimes, an especially persistent one sucks you right into it’s orbit to the point where it dominates your thoughts. 

Even if you trust your gut, acting on those big “what-ifs” requires tremendous courage. Big what-ifs, by definition, demand risk and abandonment of the status quo. There are a thousand ways you could find yourself on your ass. 

This whole conversation with Rollie Peterkin is about a wonderfully tumultuous example of abandoning comfort for the rugged unknown. 

As a bond trader on Wall Street,  Rollie was well on his way to (what most would consider) success. But there was a dormant, primal part of himself that was also an accomplished athlete. Then one day, he woke the beast, fed it and before he knew it, he was fighting professional MMA in Peru.

Wild, poetic stuff.

For the full tale, you’ll have to listen to our chat and read his excellent book, The Cage, Escaping the American Dream.



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