Mind Meld 11 | Plugging Into the Singularity With Zoltan Istvan

If technology allowed you to survive indefinitely, would you?

Zoltan Istvan2


Technology is the sharpest double-edge sword mankind has ever forged. Depending on which reality tunnel you view the metaphorical cyber-sword through, it will either free us of death, and give us cybernetic superpowers, or give rise to ruthless AI overlords who will farm us for energy matrix-style, while sedating us in a hypnotic VR twilight.  

Or, maybe a little bit of both.

It’s all worth exploring and considering, which is why we’ve got futurist, writer and founder of the Transhumanist political party, Zoltan Istvan on the show.

For more on Zoltan zoltanistvan.com

This week’s Mind Meld Musings –

  • Editing genomes through CRISPR
  • Can we edit our genetics to survive off of sunlight by performing photosynthesis?
  • The rise of AI
  • The rise of VR
  • The Transhumanist quest to live indefinitely
  • Who will be the first economic superpower to prioritize science, technology and longevity?
  • Avoiding well-traveled path and what drove Zoltan to do it
  • How Zoltan ran for President as a technique to raise awareness for Transhumanism
  • Methods for prolonging human life
  • The grinder movement and chipping yourself to gain new senses
  • Open-source technology and the sharing economy
  • Bio-hacking
  • Resisting the wave of technology is useless, but that doesn’t mean we should be irresponsible about using it or adopting it
  • Technology, food, the government and GMOs
  • Can a larger population actually be a good thing if they’re educated and have the right mindset?
  • Can we eliminate sleep?
  • Would a hive mind technology wipeout individuality?




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