Mind Meld 204 | Giving Shape To Your Darkness with Dr. Ido Cohen

Psychologist Dr. Ido Cohen enters the mind meld to riff on the brilliance of Carl Jung, knowing versus ‘gnowing,’ what integration, shadow work, and individuation truly are and more.


I love them at their best, but I’ve got to admit– Nebulous fields like ‘spirituality,’ ‘philosophy,’ ‘psychology,’ and ‘wellness’ are tricky beasts with prickly wiles. A glaring one is their shared obsession with terminology. An over-identification with mouth noises and a diminishment of felt, palpable, contextualized experience.

This tendency to fixate on nomenclature, at best, reduces us to knowing stuff instead of gnowing stuff. Grokking in a gnostic sense.

An obsession with K-based knowing leads to all sorts of ills– Time-wasting, semantic masturbation, self-important rhetoric, spiritual materialism, bypassing, and many other harry scary warts none of us need on our souls.

Given that, what does it really mean to participate in some of these nebulous inward-facing disciplines? How do we actually ‘work on’ ourselves? How do we ‘integrate’ after an impactful experience? How do we become something closer to an ideal version of ourselves?

Psychologist, Dr. Ido Cohen and I discuss.

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