Mind Meld 208 | The Song of the Forest with Hamilton Souther

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Master shaman Hamilton Souther returns to the mind meld! We chat about communing with plants, habit change,  psychology, the toll of the virus in the plant medicine community and more.


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Hamilton Souther spent over a decade living in the rainforests of Peru studying the way of the shaman. He’s also the founder of Blue Morpho Tours, a plant medicine-based Peruvian retreat center.

In times of crisis, it’s easy to forget other parts of the world exist and are grappling their own demons. For instance, since you’re interested in this show, you’re likely aware of the mysterious plant medicine community down in the Amazon. Unfortunately, they too have been thrown into total disarray because of the virus. It makes sense– Potentially blasting bodily fluids in the immediate vicinity of your peers is a hard no-go right now. 

Given that, these retreat centers are in deeply uncertain times. That’s part of the reason I wanted to catch up with my man Hamilton Souther, to hear what’s really going on down there. As you may know, I went to his center, Blue Morpho, outside of Iquitos Peru last year. It was an incredibly harrowing, beautiful, trying, glorious time. (Check out the ayahuasca adventure podcasts I put out if you haven’t).

But this mind meld goes beyond viral bummers. We get a nice little ladle full of the mysterium tremendum– We chat about shamanistic ascetic practices like dieta, and how a shaman “communes” with different plants. We also get into habit change and formation, psychology, the future of psychedelic medicine, human-sized mantis surgeons, and more. 

For more on Hamilton and Blue Morpho’s digital retreats go here.

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