Mind Meld 207 | The Secret Cause of Your Destiny with Erick Godsey

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Autodidactic mythologist, psychology extraordinaire, and Myths That Make Us host, Erick Godsey returns to the mind meld to riff about bias, shadow work, NLP, Carl Jung, social unrest, and much more!


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Imagine a transcendently ideal version of yourself. As completely as you can, conceive of a too perfect to become uber you. What qualities would it have? How would it behave? What would its purpose be?

Now pretend that godly thing is watching you, summoning you, beckoning you toward it. Then begin to ask yourself– Even if I’ll never arrive how might I move closer to it?

In doing this seriously, we begin a process of climbing. We move away from confusion and listlessness toward something greater. The Greeks called this process of ascending toward subjective truth anagoge. It’s a motif we use often in story, but too little in our own lives.

My man, Erick Godsey has tried it on. In fact, we talk this way all the time. The thought experiment seems to be working for him– He’s gone from a dead-end job to building a following, declaring a clear purpose and launching a successful podcast and coaching practice in just a couple of years. He also co-runs Onnit’s Go For Your Win course.

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