Mind Meld 218 | The Magic Between Stimulus and Response with Scott Carney

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Author and adventurer, Scott Carney returns to the mind meld! 


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In this episode, we rap about the science of changing your mind, how to find the strength you didn’t know you had, ayahuasca, why humanity needs a great common goal, and more!

With so much uncertainty and bumpiness in the world, I’m glad this mind meld is manifesting now. It’s all about finding resources you didn’t even know you had in the face of discomfort. I’d actually qualify it further and say it’s about accessing the kind of strength that’s actually invisible to you until you come up against a challenge.

Scott Carney has been chasing an understanding that strength for years. He’s the best selling author of a couple of books on the topic— What Doesn’t Kill Us, in which he trained with the great iceman Wim Hof and his latest work, The Wedge. Speaking of which, I promise it’s going to tickle your wonder whiskers. The Wedge is all about building fluency in the liminal space between stimulus and response, which the book explores in the context of ayahuasca, float tanks, and more. 

For more on Scott and his books, hop through this qualia portal.

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