LOVE VS. THE SCOURGE OF DECAY and Other Audience Curiosities

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Michael verbally wrestles with listener queries!

Meaty metaphysical paradox! Psychedelic prognostication! Must-read books! Oodles more!

Yes, this is me.


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It’s time to let the catmas stretch their legs, it’s time to hit the subjective bullseye, the one identifiable only by the precise alchemy of my non-denominational novice-like expertise. The sort that emanates from the deepest disconnected inner-circles of the academy of the technodharma.

In other words, I’m just going to answer some questions you beautiful woke folk have posited. Most of which consist of a lot very large existential queries, the sort that mankind has grappled with for all of time. That is, until now, because I will for sure lay them to rest. Right here. Right now.

No– but I will explore them. I’ll also riff about some of my favorite thinkers and books as of late. 

If this is something you’d like me to do more of every so often, I’m totally up for that. Keep the queries and suggestions flowing in the Facebook group email at  or via our Patreon page!


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