Mind Meld 118 | A Language Only You Can Speak with Dr. Michael Daine

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Psychologist, mythologist and Jungian mind wizard, Dr. Michael Daine returns!

Dr. Michael Daine is a licensed Psychologist, former Assistant Director at the C.G. Jung Institute of Houston and a radio host. His philosophy and practice a synthesis of myth, mysticism and modern medicine.


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I’ve been moonwalking the bisecting line of the cosmic Yin Yang, pals.

I’ve recorded two mind melds in the past two days that occupy truly different dimensions. With this episode we’ll, once again, dip into a dimension you know well by now– The realm of the psyche, dreams, the unseeable, the unconscious, that which must be decrypted and defined subjectively. It’s a conversational playground that I happen very much enjoy, especially when my playmate is a true expert on all of the above like Dr. Michael Daine.

As I hinted though, in addition to this show, I also just recorded a mind meld with a biologist, Dr. Ellen Jorgensen. Point being, when it comes to biology, we’re talking about just the opposite of all of the aforementioned. Biology, of course, is concerned with what we can capture, measure and manipulate. In fact, forthcoming biotech breakthroughs will probably lead us to the eradication of disease, allow us to live longer and who knows what else. 

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But anyway I’ll cover all of that a lot more in our next episode. So for now, hold your questions, suspend your disbelief and pretend. Pretend we have done just that, pretend we’ve doubled our lifespan and eradicated disease through incredible breakthroughs in biotech.

You know what comes next?

A big, fat throbbing, squirting ‘NOW WHAT!?‘ The massive existential ‘now what’ we’ve all been sweeping under the rug by staying busy. Because if we have a breakthrough and we find ourselves living until we’re 200 years old, or some other Highlander-like age, what will we do with ourselves?

That my friends is where the measuring and the cataloguing and manipulation of biology ends. That is where we throw ourselves at the feet of people like meditation experts, yoga teachers, philosophers, psychonauts and those who have mapped the human mind. In other words, we will throw ourselves at the feet of people like Dr. Michael Daine. 

Musings in this mind meld

  • The unconscious coming through via gurus, preachers
  • The Dionysian archetype
  • Personal projection versus archetypal projection
  • Falling in love with our illusions
  • Why you should allow yourself to fall in love and be disappointed
  • Every object is a symbol of your psyche
  • The importance of slowing down
  • Extreme dreams and what they mean
  • Is it possible to dream for other people?
  • The individuation process and being the cartographer of your own map
  • Sometimes the only way to heal is a radical perspective shift
  • If it doesn’t scare the shit out of you, it’s not individuation
  • The ongoing cycle of projection, betrayal and withdrawal




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