Mind Meld 86 | Engineering Disruption with Paul Austin

Third Wave founder, Paul Austin returns to the mind meld to chat microdosing, technology, the future, magic mushroom legalization, resurrecting the mystery school tradition and more!

Michael riffs on fasting, Stoicism and Bitcoin.


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World-traveling, technodelic entrepreneur, speaker and seeker, Paul Austin has become a go-to fella on the topic of microdosing psychedelics (if you’re not familiar with the concept, go here).

Not only has Paul built The Third Wave, a sort of informational hub on the topic that boasts tutorials, encyclopedia-like articles and more, he’s been receiving an incredible amount of exposure. In recent months, Paul has been featured talking microdosing in publications like New York Times, Rolling StonePlayboy and many others.

Meld minds with us as we speculate on where this is all headed, why it’s ramping how, how it will impact the future, and more.

Other Musings in this episode include – 

  • Don’t expect to be creatively successful without marketing savvy

  • Psilocybin legalization and the commodification of sacred substances

  • How to integrate psychedelics into culture responsibly and effectively

  • Should there be a psychedelic license?

  • Paul’s Ayahuasca retreat experience

  • How to properly run away form a monster

  • Microdosing DMT?



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