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Mastering Microdosing and Navigating the Psychedelic Renaissance with Paul Austin | Mind Meld 334

Paul Austin is an entrepreneur, author, and founder of the Third Wave, a psychedelic education and media platform. The latest edition of his book, Mastering Microdosing is available now. In this mind meld we, riff about microdosing, the philosophical implications of the psychedelic revolution, why the future of everything from technology to religion will be decentralized, and much more.

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Mind Meld 86 | Engineering Disruption with Paul Austin

Third Wave founder, Paul Austin returns to the mind meld to chat microdosing, technology, the future, magic mushroom legalization, resurrecting the mystery school tradition and more! Michael riffs on fasting, Stoicism and Bitcoin. LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHER Support THIRD EYE DROPS and hear exclusive content on our Patreon page World-traveling, technodelic entrepreneur, speaker and seeker, Paul Austin has […]

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