Mind Meld 175 | A Being of Mystery with Jenn Sodini

Join Jenn, Colin Frangicetto, Damien Echols, myself and many more at WITMA in NYC on October 18th!

Author, entrepreneur and consciousness surfer, Jennifer Sodini returns to the mind meld to riff about the collision of truth and myth, the hidden chambers of our minds and why she wants to be a being that lives in service of the mystery.


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I really do try to choose a grateful, wonder-filled mindset whenever possible. Also, I fail at it all the time. For me, It’s a disposition that requires continuous work. I suppose it’s not all ‘work,’ it’s about more than just trying. You have to exist in the right context– You have to have the right information diet, the right habits, the right beliefs, and the right people you around you if you want to perpetually soak in a wonder-dipped feedback loop.

Speaking of the importance of having wonderful humans in your life, my dear friend Jenn Sodini is one of those people. She’s an endless source of positivity and encouragement. Jenn is also the mind behind Amenti Oracle, Evolve and Ascend and WITMA, an initiatory conversation-based live event series that you can catch us both at on October 18th in New York at Contra Studios.

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