True Tales of the Hero’s Journey with Knox Robinson, Colin Frangicetto, Dr. Miles Neale, Seher, and Allison Strickland

Crowd-sponsor us and get rewards on Patreon In this six-way mind meld recoded live at WITMA in NYC, we travel the hero myth cycle through conversation. LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHER Help us out! — Review and subscribe on Apple Podcasts This conversation revolves around one of my favorite topics in the wonder-sphere, the monomyth. It’s near and […]

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Mind Meld 175 | A Being of Mystery with Jenn Sodini

Join Jenn, Colin Frangicetto, Damien Echols, myself and many more at WITMA in NYC on October 18th! Author, entrepreneur and consciousness surfer, Jennifer Sodini returns to the mind meld to riff about the collision of truth and myth, the hidden chambers of our minds and why she wants to be a being that lives in service […]

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