Mind Meld 26 | The Fractal Perspective with Michael Garfield

michaelgarfield.net - more reviewsMichael Garfield returns to the show for another dip into the conversational ectoplasm!


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In addition to being debonair and a brain-melting conversationalist who can talk about basically anything, Michael Garfield is an Austin-based writer, speaker, musician and visionary artist. For more on him, hop through this portal.

Musings in this mind meld include –

  • Virtual reality will need a failsafe to remind you you’re in it
  • What happens when technology is so advanced we can no longer tell what’s real?
  • Yes we’re being lied to, but don’t reject mainstream narratives just to embrace wacky ones
  • More has “happened” in the last few months than the entire 16th century
  • Information fatigue and navigating “truth” claims
  • Internal authority versus external authority  
  • The rational age has wrestled us away from believing we exist within meaning.
  • Subjective experiences can be just as valid as objective ones.
  • Is religion just a more primitive version of science, or is it measuring something else?
  • There may be no absolute beginnings, but humans think in terms of stories
  • Rest in peace, Paul Laffoley
  • Personal breakthroughs that reveal hidden worlds
  • The scientifically-proven hyper-charged shroom-brain
  • Supreme court ruling that people’s technology is a part of them and can’t be unlawfully searched seized
  • If we can ever create a hive mind, what would happen to society? 
  • Being successfully nomadic
  • Is the definition of success are changing?
  • Is the internet age killing monogamy?



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