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Mind Meld 135 | Mind Mycelium with Tero Isokauppila of Four Sigmatic

For rewards and podcast extras, become a Patreon patron Tero Isokauppila is the fungi-slinging sage behind Four Sigmatic, a rapidly-growing purveyor of delicious medicinal mushroom elixirs. Tero comes from a lineage of mushroom farming and is an expert on all things fungi and natural health. He’s also the author of two books: Healing Mushrooms and Santa Sold […]

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The Psychedelic Gospels Visual Companion

As I mentioned in the write-up for this episode, I wish this mind meld were more than a podcast. In the spirit of that desire, here are some massively thought-provoking images that Psychedelic Gospels author, Dr. Jerry Brown shared with me during our chat. Whether you’re seeing these remarkable pieces as you listen, after the fact […]

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Mind Meld 26 | The Fractal Perspective with Michael Garfield

Michael Garfield returns to the show for another dip into the conversational ectoplasm! LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHER These mind melds are brought to you by YOU! Find out how to support us and receive rewards in the process at our Patreon page. In addition to being debonair and a brain-melting conversationalist who can talk about basically […]

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