Mind Meld 19 | Mitch Schultz – IT IS AND IT WILL –

Mitch Schultz is a filmmaker (DMT the Spirit Molecule, Huachuma) and culture creator. He leverages his artistic talents to open minds, educate and encourage existential exploration via vessels like his multimedia platform, MYTHAPHI, his films and his numerous podcast and speaking appearances.

“Civilization is 6 billion people trying to make themselves happy by standing on each other’s shoulders and kicking each other’s teeth in.”

-Terence McKenna

The forces that coerce the persistence of the bleak paradigm referred to in the quote above are numerous and complicated. So much so, that it’s worth discussing whether or not it’s even possible to shake off the shackles of culture’s dominant power structures. Perhaps we should just recognize the game for what it is and play it to the best of our ability. 

For the brave, there is one alternative. “Putting the art pedal to the metal,” to quote Terence yet again. Tremendous advice, but it begs the question, “what if I’m not an artist?” The good news is, this doesn’t just pertain to those of us with a proclivity for art. It’s a call to create in the largest most sweeping sense. It’s a recognition of the fact that we can all construct our own cultures and revel in our own experiences, victories, travels, orgasms (both physical and intellectual) and works, which will add up to our very own realities. 

To begin this process, you have to divorce yourself of from the cultural superego we’ve constructed and indentured ourselves to over hundreds of years. You have to stand completely outside of it. Imagine yourself climbing a mountain next to a city. If you ascend enough, you’ll reach a point where you can see the entire city for the construct that it is. In doing so, you find your goal, perspective.

What we’re talking about here is what I like to call Perspective, with a capital “P”. The type of perspective that facilitates a reacquaintance with the sentient majesty you harbor as a capable human being. It’s unbelievably empowering.  This is not an exercise in ego. I’m talking about contacting the impersonal quintessence that transcends your identity. In feeling it coursing through you, you take the first step toward creating your own culture and your own reality.

There are a few ways to do that and if you listen to this show, you can probably guess some of the ways to access that Perspective (If you’re familiar with the guest on this show, that’s also a hint).

To hear more on this, click the “play” button above.

And now, I shall step down off of my preachy soapbox and acquaint you with our guest who is actually living what I’m blathering about. Mitch Schultz is most definitely constructing an incredible culture through his own works that we’re all richer for. His film, DMT the Spirit Molecule, stands out as an extraordinarily important piece of work that has been an important ontological catalyst for many. DMTTSM is an amalgamation of talks from luminaries like Dennis McKenna, Ralph Abraham, Rick Strassman and many others. Mitch is also also the founder of MYTHAPHIan art production and distribution platform. 

Musings in this mind meld include –

  • What is DMT, why is it here?
  • The research of Rick Strassman and how he’s marrying the worlds of science and philosophy  
  • Psychedelic experience and it’s correlation to data
  • Is technology part of natures? Are we just recreating natural processes in new ways?
  • If we are tools of nature, what about free will?
  • Power structures, tumult in the world, empathy and why people continue to suffer
  • The genesis of DMTTSM
  • Being born with curiosity 
  • Why are upticks in violence and dissatisfaction happening?
  • How to follow up on a successful creative project 
  • The relationship between us and nature
  • Are we still a part of nature of have we insulated ourselves from it?
  • Entheogenic jungle experiences versus city experiences 
  • Mitch’s first DMT experience
  • Creativity in a post-gnosis life



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