Mind Meld 184 | The Joy Beyond Your Limits with Sanjay Rawal

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Sanjay Rawal is an award-winning filmmaker, runner, and seeker. His latest film, 3100 Run and Become chronicles the journey of one of the world’s best endurance runners as he attempts to run a 3100 mile race. 


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Everywhere we look there’s a portal to a deeper reality. Speaking can become a mantra. Running can become a meditation. Sitting in silence can lead to reflective bliss. A good hard laugh takes you there too.

This is why Zen traditions integrate mundane tasks like sweeping with dharmic practice. There’s literally no difference between chores and meditation if the mind is primed for it. At any moment through any action, it’s possible to enter that flow, that fūryū as the Japanese call it– A state that dampens time the self and turns up the now.

Anyway, this pod really surprised me. Sanjay is not only a fabulous filmmaker, he’s an unwitting initiate of the techno dharma that I’m always babbling about. Before I even hit the record button we were talking about mythology, the hero’s journey, and how endurance running is a spiritual endeavor. Be sure to get your eyeballs on Sanjay’s latest film, 3100 Run and Become. It chronicles one of the world’s best endurance runners attempt at a mind-boggling 3100-mile footrace.

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