Mind Meld 160 | Growing a Soul with Tim Freke

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Are consciousness and the human soul the crowning achievement of billions of years of evolution?

Philosopher, speaker, and bestselling author, Tim Freke enters the mind meld to discuss this, his ‘controversial’ new TED talk and other ontologically juicy bits.


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Everyone wants to fancy themselves a ‘free thinker.’ Really, it’s hard to imagine someone readily admitting to the fact that they’re not.

However, to actually be one, you’ve got to be pretty daring. You’ve got to be willing to stand for something, which could absolutely open you up to ridicule.

Tim Freke isn’t just talking about ‘free thinking,’ he’s really out there doing it. He’s proposing novel ideas that are hard for a lot of people to swallow, and for that, some people are actively splashing him with the stinky miasma of criticism (we’ll get into more specifics in the pod).

Here’s a hint though, Tim has a new TED talk out that’s on the verge of getting banned.


For personal evolution to happen, we need our philosophical boundaries to be pushed. That’s one of the reasons why I like Tim so much.

Also, Tim is unbelievably kind, well-read and well-spoken. He’s also the author of several books including the Mystery Experience, Soul Story and The Jesus Mysteries to name a few.

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