Mind Meld 161 | Jenn Sodini | The Secret Language of Purpose

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Social sage, author, entrepreneur and world-traveler, Jennifer Sodini returns to the mind meld to discuss her new book and oracle card deck, the importance of struggle, unseen information systems, playing life on the hardest difficulty, and the supreme importance of context.


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We’ve got our relationship with struggle all wrong. We’ve been conditioned to think of it as something to be avoided. Yet, in dodging it, we doom ourselves to the beige doldrums of mediocrity. If we’re not actively struggling toward what we want, we will, without a doubt, wind up being consumed by things we don’t care about. We’ll be victims of necessity. Necessity is not where passion lives.

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Practical examples of the right kinds of struggle always rev me up and I’ve got to say, we’ve got a striking one in this very mind meld– Jenn Sodini.

Jenn is a dear friend and creative collaborator of mine. She’s also the founder of Evolve and Ascend and the mastermind behind Amenti Oracle, a new book and oracle card deck available now. And yeah, it took a lot of toil to birth that beast. But damn, I can I tell it’s been a hugely fulfilling endeavor for her.

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