Mind Meld 114 | We’re All Sleeping Buddhas with Ramin Nazer

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Ramin Nazer is a comedian, artist and the host of the Rainbow Brain Skull Hour podcast.

We brush up against all sorts of tasty nonsense and saucy profundity in this one– The incredible stability of reality, aliens, channeling, why we’re all sleeping buddhas and more!

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What a lovely and perfectly ironic phenomenon it is that there are so many comedian podcasters out there purveying profound wisdom, wonder and existential commiseration. 

Off the top of my head I can think of at least a half dozen comedians rubbing balm on the human condition. I’ll list off a few– I’ve already mentioned Ramin, his friend Shane Mauss (who’s been in on a couple of our mind melds) is another. Then there are more well-known folks like Duncan Trussell, Joe Rogan and Russell Brand; the list goes on.

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These are fellas who make their living by telling jokes, yet in their search for humor and creative expression, they’ve managed to excavate the sort of curiosity and profundity that was completely buried by the mainstream discourse. In doing so, they’ve inadvertently iced down the existential blue balls of the human condition for countless people. 

Despite some similarities, there’s really unique and tasty flavors flowing from all of the folks I just mentioned and Ramin is no exception. I love his art and, perspective as a comic and as a human being. He also happens to have one of the best websites ever. Be sure to go play on it!

Musings in this mind meld 

  • The rise of “spiritual but not religious” people without an existential outlet
  • Why religion is declining but “spirituality” is skyrocketing
  • The Law of One 
  • Is channeling legit or total BS and does it matter?
  • Why we’re all sleeping buddhas
  • Why the outward search is trumped by the inward search
  • Space travel, aliens and Tom Delonge from Blink 182
  • If we had solid proof of aliens would anyone really care?
  • High psychedelic weirdness
  • Speculation about simulation theory
  • Speculation about the nature of reality and oodles more!



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