Mind Meld 106 | The Ineffable Harmony of Existence with Alexandre Tannous

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Sound researcher, musician and world-traveling gnostic-adventurer, Alexandre Tannous returns to the mind meld to unleash an interdisciplinary information torrent.

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I contend that that all things bleed together and exist on a continuum.  I contend that in fact our senses actually lie to us by boxing our experiences into five neat little containers because there’s biocentric utility in doing so. In other words,  if weren’t so adept at carving things up into sensory boxes, we wouldn’t have a whole lot of evolutionary fitness, we wouldn’t survive.

Though I’m tempted, I’m not even making any saucy scientific or ontological proclamations (this time). I’m not going to go down the “it’s highly likely we live in matrix-like reality” rabbit hole. 

What I’m saying (this time) is that we know tables aren’t truly the solid slabs they appear to be. They’re a collection of atoms vibrating at the right rate to appear that way to our senses. We know that, under closer inspection, water isn’t the cohesive bluish liquid our senses model. It’s really a vast collection of hydrogen and oxygen molecules bonded together. For that matter, we know that the vast majority of phenomena occurring in the world are doing so outside of the tiny visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum we can sense.

Seriously, look that up if you want to freak yourself out.

The electromagnetic spectrum really illustrates that all phenomena are on a continuum. That forces and objects are in fact not totally separate as our senses would indicate. Once you tease this out, or even better, experience it subjectively, let’s say, during peak state. A dilated, expanded state of consciousness in which you find yourself feeling and seeing sounds.  Oneness goes from an abstract concept to a self-evident reality.

I bring all of this up because it’s interesting, but also because this is how you make a multidisciplinary mystery-seeking whimsical scientist-philosopher like Alexandre Tannous. Decades of study, personal experience and reflection on all of the above and more. He’s clearly a man with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an insatiable hunger to understand how the continuum fits together to make the symphony of everything.  

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Musings in this mind meld

  • Why getting people into altered states for a living is supremely important
  • Technology must serve humanity, humanity shouldn’t serve technology or the systems we’ve created
  • The intertwined intelligence of the body and why intelligence doesn’t just reside in the head
  • Is anything sacred anymore and does it matter?
  • Open-ended riffs about the nature of reality and being
  • What is the “noise to signal ratio” and why it’s a key concept to consider
  • The importance of being clear and deliberate with your words
  • Is plant intelligence real or do psychoactive plants just unlock our own innate intelligence?
  • Ethos, pathos and logos
  • The path of the renaissance man versus the path of the expert
  • Marija Gimbutas -the sacred feminine, Gaia and matriarchal societies
  • The western equal tempered octave versus ‘just intonation,’ natural sounds with overtones
  • The primordial om and it’s connection to logos
  • Speculation about gnosticism, archons, archetypes, psychology and how entraining your mind changes you
  • You have to be your own savior through doing THE work
  • Knowledge of the mind versus knowledge of the heart and why it’s more than a hand-waving distinction  



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