Mind Meld 210 | Bring Your Temple With You | Dr. Zak Stein

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Dr. Zak Stein enters the mind meld!

Zak is a scholar of philosophy, neuroscience, education, and human development. He’s also the author of Education in a Time Between Worlds and the essay A War Broke Out In Heaven


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 Zak and Michael riff on our innate spiritual hunger, information warfare, our deep need for educational revolution, mystery schools, and more.

It’s worth asking— what would a meaning-filled world that wasn’t shoehorning us into shitty soul-crushing circumstances look like? It’s an easy question to ask but the answer is of course complex and elusive. But, if anyone is brilliant enough to take it on, it might be Zak Stein.

He’s a Harvard-trained scholar of many things— philosophy, religion, education, neuroscience, and human development to name a few. Zak is the author of the book Education In a Time Between Worlds. He’s also written a tremendous essay on this time of crisis and liminality called A War Broke Out In Heaven. Do peruse them on his website.

This one is a proper wonder dip, We get into everything from humanity’s innate need for spiritual significance to the future of education, technology, and information warfare. We even riff a bit about Zak’s latest fascination– initiatory mystery schools (really hoping to have him back to riff further on that).


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