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Ancient Wisdom, Archetypes, and the Psyche with Psychologist, Dr. Miles Neale | Mind Meld 359

Psychologist, author, and long-time Tibetan Buddhist, Dr. Miles Neale returns!
In this one, we muse about lost ancient knowledge, whether or not we’re heading toward mass awakening or delusion, and Miles’ painful decision to put his spiritual life first (which involved moving his family to the other side of the world). We also riff on the importance of Carl Jung, Tibetan Buddhism, trusting psyche, and much more.

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Carl Jung on God and the Mystery of Existence

How did the great mythopoetic psychiatrist, Carl Jung, view God? When Jung was asked whether or not he believed in God in a now-famous 1959 BBC interview near the end of his life, he mused, “I don’t believe, I know.” But what did he mean by that? What view of God does a lifetime of inquiry into medicine, the psyche, and the esoteric lead to? As we’ll see in In this transmission, Jung’s view on the great mystery existence is both compelling and cryptic. It opens the door to massive philosophical questions that we all have to process.

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Psychological Alchemy, the Hermes Archetype and Carl Jung

What if we have “the gods” all wrong? What if they’re not bygone superstitions of ancient cultures, but living archetypes that are endemic to the human psyche?

Mythopoetic thinkers like psychiatrist, Carl Jung argued just that. But there’s one archetype that Jung and many others were (and are) particularly interested in. The Greeks called him Hermes, the Romans, Mercury.

What is about this figure that captivates the curiosity of so many great minds? What does the archetype really symbolize? Why does Hermes stay in the zeitgeist? Why is he associated with the phenomenon of synchronicity? Why did Jung place him at the center of both the alchemical process and individuation? In this transmission, we’ll explore all of the above and more!

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Overcoming Soul Sickness with Carl Jung and Terence McKenna

What do we do when we feel purposeless? Where do we turn when the vital energy is sucked from life? 

As the bleak statistics of the mental health epidemic demonstrate, for many, there is no clear answer. This disconnection from meaning and purpose, this depression of the soul, is devouring the psyche of millions. It’s left us struggling to numb the pain through pathology, distraction, consumption, and ego games. Of course, none of the above brings us any closer to the deeper purpose we seek. They leave us thirstier for something real than we were to begin with.

So, in this transmission, we’ll confront this ‘soul sickness’ through the wisdom of luminaries like Carl Jung, Terence McKenna, Dr. Lisa Miller, and more. We’ll also riff on some ways we might even be able to overcome it.

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The Secret Language of Archetypes with Laurence Hillman Ph.D | Mind Meld 350

Laurence holds a Ph.D. in psychology, is the author of Planets in Play, and co-creator of Archetypes at Work — a method to assess and develop individuals and organizations based on archetypal theory. Laurence is also the son of the late psychologist and author, James Hillman, a thinker who’s been a huge influence on my personal philosophy.

In this mind meld, we riff on the power of archetypes, the influence of Carl Jung, find meaning in the modern world, the powerful and polarizing art of astrology (which Laurence is a longtime practitioner of), and much more.

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