Mind Meld 177 | Man Is Legion with Dr. Richard Schwartz

Dr. Richard Schwartz is a psychologist and the founder of Internal Family Systems (IFS), a paradigm that hinges upon the notion that our minds are comprised of many “parts.”

In this mind meld, we chat about how to meet your “parts,” the true meaning of “self,” and what it means to be the bodhisattva of your own mind. 


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The psyche is a multiplicity. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’ve all got some Mr. Robot or Fight Club type shit happening. In most cases, it’s much more subtle. That said, there are identities within our identity. Our minds are made of psychic parts. In fact, it’s quite it’s possible to encounter and dialogue with those parts, as any psychonaut or self-spelunking mind-explorer will tell you.

Dick Schwartz is a psychologist who’s developed a way to relate to these parts of the human psyche called Internal Family Systems (IFS). IFS hinges upon the idea that if we really want to understand and optimize ourselves, we must seek to understand our psychic parts. We’ve got to discover them, name them and guide them. If we don’t, it’s possible for them to act out and contribute to all manner of self-sabotaging behaviors. We’ll get deeper into all of this in the pod.

For more on how you can potentially apply IFS to yourself or find a therapist that practices this, go here.

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