Mind Meld 41 | Esoteric Therapy with the White Witch of L.A., Maja D’Aoust

Maja D’Aoust is a purveyor of the arcane, an esoteric personal trainer to many and a blaster of good vibes.


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This mind meld is actually from my bag of greatest hits. It features the ever wise and sweet Maja D’Aoust, a woman known around Los Angeles and beyond as the “the white witch of L.A.” What does that mean? I would say she’s a sort of esoteric personal trainer, spiritual therapist and overall good vibe blaster. On top of that, Maja is most definitely woke and well-informed in the realms of gnosticism, esotericism, divination and a lot of other areas that are fun to dip your curiosity tendrils into. 

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Musings in this mind meld include – 

  • Resolutions and forgiving yourself
  • Led Zeppelin and the occult
  • The phenomenon of synchronicity and Carl Jung
  • The Importance of myth
  • Is magic real? What is it?
  • What does it mean to be a witch?
  • Divination, The I Ching and a live experiment



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