Mind Meld 39 | Heart Medicine with Chor Boogie and Elizabeth Bast

Artist Chor Boogie and author, Elizabeth Bast share the story of her book, Heart MedicineThe tale of Chor’s battle with heroine addiction and the healing power of Iboga, an ancient psychedelic plant potion.


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The archetypical cosmic struggle between light and dark seems pretty far flung from the cushy confines of mundane modernity. I’ll even go out on a limb and say that the popularity of running around slaying demonic hoards is at an time low.

But within the microcosm of man, this battle is taking place. We just lose sight of it because It’s subtle. It happens in simple moments. Maybe for you it takes place when you choose to be the bigger person in an argument. Or, maybe when you turn the other cheek upon encountering an asinine social-media post.

Micro-battles aside, at certain pivotal moments the struggle does expand to an all-consuming scale. This was the case for one of my favorite artists,  Chor Boogie.  Chor’s battle was a life-or-death brawl with a demon named Heroine.  

To find out more, hit play and read the tale in its proper form,  Heart Medicine.  

Musings in this mind meld –

  • The power of telling yourself a story through the tool of writing and journaling
  • Style is the girlfriend of time (there’s no shortcut to a unique artistic voice)
  • Why artists seem to be the battleground for the struggle between light and dark
  • The healing power of Iboga and other entheogenic elixirs
  • Meditation versus psychedelics
  • Our culture’s lack of initiation and the toll it’s taken on us
  • Jackhammering through the many layers of culture



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